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You can search these links for information on Weight Management, Natural Supplements, Anti-Aging and Electrolized Water.

For Weight Management go to:  fitteam.com/kevinalexander

(Ref ID# 1015439)


For Natural Supplements & Anti-Aging go to:  www.nuskinusa.com

(Ref ID # US00221712)

Contact customer service: 1-800-487-8100


For information on Electrolized Water go to:  www.enagic.com 

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Contact customer service: 310-532-4262


For information on Tyent Alkaline Enriched Water Call the number below:

(Ref: Kevin Alexander)

Contact Herb Ebel at: 605-391-0063


You may also personally contact me via cell at (605) 391-3788 or by email: silentgiant365@gmail.com